Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Over the past 35 years, Rod Lewis, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lewis Energy Group, has climbed his way to the top of the international oil and gas industry through hard work, focus and dedication.

With an initial desire to pursue a career with the FBI, Lewis began studying criminal justice at Texas A&I University in Laredo, Texas. While in school, Lewis took on several prestigious internships with the D.A.’s office in Laredo where he acted as an interviewer in domestic cases. He eventually graduated with a B.S. in 1976, still in search of his calling.

In 1978, Lewis went to work in the oil industry, starting as a gauger with Stampede Energy. A year later, when the oil business was booming, a friend invited Lewis to embark on a partnership in the diesel servicing business out of Bryan, Texas. Lewis seized the opportunity to learn more about disassembling and rebuilding diesel engines, repairing transmissions, and working in the parts department for Stewart & Stevenson in Houston, Texas. Lewis eventually returned to Stampede and R.L. Burns Corporation, where he learned about the well that would change his life.

Lewis bought his first well in 1982, and the oil and gas empire that is now Lewis Energy Group was born.

A believer in giving back to the community, Lewis is passionate about philanthropic causes such as education, cancer research and children’s services.  He supports organizations both locally and nationally through his family foundation and Lewis Energy Group.

The son of an Air Force pilot, Lewis was an amateur airplane mechanic long before he was an oilman. From his first plane, a hand-cranked Aeronca Chief, his collection grew to include over 24 classic WWII airplanes. As an accomplished fixed and rotary wing pilot, Lewis is qualified in both jet and prop driven aircraft. He personally flies each and every one of his planes, including the vintage warbird collection known today as the Lewis Air Legends. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Lewis enjoys spending time traveling, hunting, fishing and boating with his family.

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