Bobby Rokohl

General Manager
Navarro Midstream

Bobby Rokohl joined Lewis Energy Group in 2003. He was hired to assist the operations group and run Cerrito Gas Gathering.  Bobby was a key player in the structuring of Cerrito’s assets that led to one of Lewis’ very successful divestitures in 2006.   Subsequently, Bobby oversaw the rebuilding of the midstream organization. Today he manages Navarro Midstream which consists of hundreds of miles of pipeline and thousands of horsepower in equipment that moves gas throughout Webb, La Salle, Dimmit, and Duval counties.  Bobby attributes his success at Lewis Energy to having a great support team.  Bobby has over 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and expects to contribute many more years in maintaining and improving Lewis Energy's position as the best oil and gas company in South Texas.

Bobby enjoys spending time with his family.  He relishes watching his kids at sporting events and he hauls his kids all over the state showing cattle and goats.