Support the Mission, Control the Cost.
Lewis Energy Group uses its 30 years of experience in oil and gas exploration and production in South Texas to perfect the skill of gathering in very challenging plays while keeping control of costs.

One critical piece of that success is Falcon Completion Services, a LEG affiliate created to support the Lewis mission of vertical integration and operate in the most efficient way possible.

Lewis Energy: The Eagle Ford Shale pioneer. Lewis Energy Group recognized the potential of the Eagle

Operating in this area for more than 25 years, Lewis Energy Group is the leading producer of natural

The Complete Package
Falcon Completion Services provides Lewis Energy with uninterrupted internal service capabilities at reduced costs with minimal delay to continuous operation. This allows Lewis to provide the best long-term value to its working interest partners. Falcon Completion Services is composed of multiple divisions encompassing a broad and varied range of upstream services lines. Trucking, Construction, Water Services, Wireline, Coil Tubing, Sand Processing and Hydraulic Fracturing make up the bulk of what is currently Falcon Completions Services.
Field Services
Field Services executes a wide range of daily construction and trucking services that are vital to the Lewis Energy drilling program. Field Services handles all rig site preparations, including pad sites, roads, pits, tie-ins and maintenance.  In addition, the Trucking arm of Field Services is responsible for salt water removal, crude hauling, fresh water transport, rig mobilization and asset delivery for all departments within Lewis Energy.

Oilfield Water Services
 Water Services provides frac water transfer including mobilization of pumps, aluminum, lay-flat and generators operated by dedicated employees. Along side its Transfer operation, Water Services also provides base fluid for Lewis Energy’s drilling department and coordinates usage of all waterwells and above ground water containment for field operations. 

Sand Processing
The Falcon Sand Plant provides the bulk of the proppant used in Lewis Energy fracturing operations. This is a significant contribution to the Lewis Energy mission of vertical integration and contributes to the company’s ability to maintain an un-interrupted supply chain of proppant to its stimulation fleets.
Hydraulic Fracturing
The Falcon Fracturing Group pumped its first job in December of 2010.  Current capacity consists of 3 Frac fleets and 54 frac pumps. We anticipate adding additional fleets to meet increased completions requirements. Whether the design calls for an Eagle Ford Slickwater or any type of Cross-Linked job, Falcon Fracturing is ready.

Wireline services utilizes four cased-hole wireline units that are driven by reducing intervention time and NPT.  The wireline division is focused on providing the most reliable cased-hole electric line service for perforating, logging, packer setting, and tractor conveyed operations.  All this is accomplished while minimizing the cost associated with traditional wireline services and allowing the internal flexibility to change scheduling as needed.

Coil Tubing
Falcon’s Coil Tubing division operates two coil units that allow for the safe intervention on high pressure wells while reducing the operational time when compared to snubbing operations.  Falcon’s coil division is dedicated to provide the most effective coil services for LEG’s drillouts, cleanouts, fishing, and other intervention needs.  These units minimize the NPT of our fracturing and wireline operations by providing an available unit at any time to address any issues encounted thus adding to the overall all well completion efficiency.