The South Texas Solution for Midstream Services.

Navarro Midstream Services is a growth-oriented affiliate company of Lewis Energy Group. It supports the Lewis mission of achieving and maintaining market leadership in oil and gas exploration and production in South Texas. Navarro Midstream Services covers the Webb, LaSalle, Dimmit and Duval county regions making it one of the largest and longest-tenured midstream service providers in South Texas.
The Eagle Ford Shale: a prime target for natural gas. The Eagle Ford Shale is one of the hottest sha

The Navarro Midstream Advantage

Navarro’s connectivity to the major gas processors and commercial markets provides Lewis with access to high value gas and liquids markets. No one understands South Texas like Navarro Midstream Services due to our expertise in gathering production from challenging plays and three decades of superior full-range service. We operate extensive sour, lean and rich gas systems and provide a suite of services including:

The Eagle Ford Shale: a prime target for natural gas. The Eagle Ford Shale is one of the hottest sha

  • Pipeline and facilities engineering
  • Fully independent pipeline and facilities construction capabilities
  • Gas gathering, compression, treating and conditioning
  • Gas control and measurement
  • Condensate gathering
  • Commercial marketing for gas, condensate and NGL’s
  • Back office administration.

Well-Positioned for Growth
Navarro Midstream Services has an extensive pipeline network, throughout the Eagle Ford Shale, composed of active gathering lines, trunk lines and treating facilities that provide midstream services and market outlets to producing wells on more than 450,000 acres.

Navarro continues to expand its gathering and processing capabilities in the Eagle Ford Shale in the quest to be a premier midstream company in its core area of South Texas, providing innovative, reliable, and competitive solutions for gathering, treating, processing, and marketing.

Backed by the Best
Navarro supports Lewis Energy Group - a top producer of natural gas in South Texas - and the first to drill in the Eagle Ford Shale, now the nation’s most prominent energy play. Navarro will continue to seek strategic midstream assets through organic growth projects and value-added acquisitions to ensure the flow and sale of Lewis production and facilitate continued industry leadership and success.   
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